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Hercules DJ Console Mk4 controller with built-in audio


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Mobile DJ controller with built-in audio

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For more Hercules DJ Console Mk4, please visit Hercules Dj Mix Room Youtube Channel by clicking here


The all-in-one DJ station you can carry on your shoulder.

All-in-one mixing station for mobile computer DJs:
- 2-deck controller to mix digital audio tracks
- 2 stereo outputs to play the mix for the audience and preview next track
- 2 stereo inputs to include turntables, MP3 or CD players in your mix
- Built for mobile DJing: compact, light, with transport cover & shoulder strap

2-deck controller:
Mix 2 music tracks with DJ Console Mk4’s controls:
- 2 jog wheels to navigate within tracks
- 1 cross fader and 2 volume faders to mix 2 tracks
- 2 pitch encoders (knobs) to change the speed of the music
- 6 EQ potentiometers

User-friendly features:
- The DJ software suggests a cue point in the audio file analysis
- Synchronize tracks using pitch encoders and/or sync buttons
- Automatic loops on 1, 2, 4 or 8 beats
- Add effects to customize your music
- Record your mixes as audio files
- Customize your console by placing the graphic skin (included) underneath the see-through plate on top of the controller.


Technical specifications

Built-in audio

2 stereo outputs
2 types of plug per output:
Mix output (channels 1-2)
- 2 RCA for hi-fi & mixers
- 1 stereo 1/8" jack (3.5mm) for multimedia speakers
Preview output (channels 3-4)
- 1/4" jack (6.35mm) for headphones
- 2 RCA for speakers

1 microphone input
- 1/4" jack plug with volume knob to talk over the music

2 stereo inputs
- 2 x 2 RCA inputs, to include external sources in your mix
- Inputs compatible with:
- phono (turntables)
- consumer line (-10dBv) (for MP3 players, etc.)
- pro line (+4dBu) (for studio gear & CD players)
- boosted line (+8dBu) (for Pioneer CDJ players)

Built for mobility

- Compact (10.5 x 7.3 x 2.5")
- Lightweight (2.56 lb/1.15kg)
- Transport cover & shoulder strap included

Included DJ mix software

VirtualDJ® DJC Edition
- For Windows® XP/Vista/7
- For Mac OS® 10.5/10.6


Controls for DJing:
- 2 jog wheels, 3 faders, 11 knobs
-36 transport buttons

Audio for DJing:
- 4-channel in / 4-channel out
- Microphone input for talk-over
- Headphone jack for previewing tracks
- Phono preamplifiers on the audio inputs

- ASIO & WDM for Windows®
- Core Audio for Mac OS®
- MIDI control: Windows & Mac



Box contents

DJ Console Mk4
VirtualDJ® DJC edition
User manual


Minimum configuration

PC minimum requirements
Windows® XP/Vista/7/8 32-bit/64-bit
1.5GHz CPU or higher
1GB RAM or more
USB port (USB bus-powered)
Stereo speakers and/or headphones

Mac minimum requirements
Mac OS® 10.5/10.6
1.5GHz CPU or higher
1GB RAM or more
USB port (USB bus-powered)
Stereo speakers and/or headphones