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JBL On Time Micro Speaker System


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  • Charges your iPod or iPhone, even when not connected to the computer or the system is off
  • Proprietary JBL Phoenix and Ridge speakers provide 2 x 6 Watts of crystal-clear audio
  • Digital alarm clock with large backlit display, battery backup--wake to AM/FM Radio, iPod, or iPhone
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input for external audio devices

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The JBL On Time Micro will make the music on your iPod, iPhone or other MP3 player sound great any time. But mornings are when this system really shines. Wake up to the music that you know will get you going--with or without the help of up to seven independent alarms. An easy-to-read LCD display and easy-to-use touch controls make things, well, easy. You'll face the new day rested and refreshed, your iPod will be charged and ready to go, and life will be good. Isn't it wonderful what a little Micro management can do?

Why JBL?
Been to a movie or a concert recently? There's a good chance that you were enjoying the show on JBL loudspeakers. If you've watched TV or listened to CDs, what you listened to was more than likely recorded on JBL equipment. For more than 60 years, JBL has been the loudspeaker brand of choice for recording professionals around the world. Now you can enjoy that same renowned JBL sound quality from your iPod or iPhone.

The JBL On Time Micro loudspeaker system is compatible with all docking versions of the iPod and iPhone, including the iPod touch, nano G3 and iPod classic. A stereo mini jack connection also allows you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of other devices such as iPod shuffle, MP3 and CD players, desktop computers (all platforms), satellite radio, and laptops.

The large backlit LCD permits easy viewing and menu navigation. Automatic dimming sets the correct brightness level in any room environment.

Time and Alarm Features
The JBL On Time Micro system is a revolution in time-keeping. Imagine waking up to your favorite song stored on your iPod or iPhone. Now imagine having seven independent alarms to choose from. You could have alarms set for different days, times or even people. The intuitive user interface allows for all functions to be programmed easily. The navigation buttons provide instant access to the menus. Navigate the intuitive menu to change settings such as language, alarms and snooze. Radio functions (e.g., channel presets) are simple.

Easy-to-Use Touch Controls
Just a touch increases or decreases the volume. Another touch and you choose iPod, radio or auxiliary. The JBL On Time Micro system remembers your source and the last volume setting, even after the system shuts down.

Great JBL Sound
The JBL On Time Micro loudspeaker system combines many proprietary technologies to provide the highest quality sound, with astonishing bass and clear, accurate sound from any direction.

  • Phoenix transducers--The two aluminum-domed, full-range transducers are driven by powerful neodymium magnets.

  • COE (Computer-Optimized Equalization)--The JBL On Time Micro loudspeaker system equalization is computer-optimized, for a rich, complete soundstage

  • OCT (Optimized Compression Topology)--The system utilizes a proprietary compression technology to ensure clean, accurate sound at high output levels.

Complete Power Management

  • Evercharge topology--The JBL On Time Micro charges your iPod or iPhone, even when not connected to the computer or if the system is off.

  • Backup battery--The clock can be supported by 3 AAA backup batteries, so that even with the power out, the alarm function operates.

What's in the Box
JBL On Time Micro, Remote Control, Power Supply, AM antenna, FM antenna